Have you ever experienced annoying diaphragm contractions? These contractions are also called hiccups which can come to you at any time. Hiccups may last only a few minutes but it also can last for hours. It can go away naturally over time but if you are in public, where there are a lot people notice you or you have just finished your dinner with your partner, it would be embarrassed due to its sound. At these moments, you need to find some tips to cure the hiccupping. So, the question is what should you do to get rid of hiccups immediately? Here we introduce you some easy methods to stop the hiccupping fast.

  1. Holding your breath.

This method sounds easy but it is very effective when it comes to controlling hiccups. It has been used for ages. The principle is pretty easy to understand: it makes the amount of carbon dioxide increases in lung and your blood, which take your attention away from hiccups and then stop the cycle of hiccups.

  1. Relax as much as you can then take a deep breath and try to hold it for a while.
  2. Breath out slowly in a controlled way.
  3. Breath in and hold your breath again.
  4. Keep doing this for several times till the hiccups disappear.
  5. Drinking water

This tip is from traditional cures for stopping hiccups. Prepare a full glass of water then take ten small sips of water. By doing this, the spasms of the diaphragm caused by hiccups are override by rhythmic contractions of esophagus. It would be much better if you can put your fingers in your ears to block them while you take the water. If this method also doesn’t work to you, bend down at the waist and lower you head while you drink the water. This remedy will be more productive and you will see the great result.

  1. Swallowing something sweet such as sugar

People usually use a spoon of sugar to get rid of the spasms of hiccups although there is no clear explanation for its principle. Some people think that by swallowing sugar, this would irritate the esophagus nerve and our mind will forget all about the appearance of the hiccups. This is great way to treat hiccups especially for small kids.

  1. You can you either white or brown sugar. Both of them have same level of effectiveness.
  2. Hold 1 spoon of sugar in your mouth in 10 seconds
  3. Remember not to chew sugar, just let the sugar dissolve gradually
  4. Then swallow sugar with a sip of water and the hiccups will go away

Note: don’t use this method if you have diabetes.

  1. Having some peanut butter

Peanut butter is another effective way to manage hiccups quickly. Its sticky, gooey consistency interrupts the breathing pattern when you are swallowing peanut butter and hiccups will be history.

  1. Hold a teaspoon of peanut butter in your mouth for a few seconds.
  2. Then try to swallow quickly it without chewing.

You also can use almond butter instead if you cannot find peanut butter. See more health benefits of cocoa butter.

  1. Vinegar

Another age-old remedy to keep hiccups at bat is absolutely vinegar. The sour taste of vinegar helps our mind not focusing on the hiccups and this helps stop continuous hiccups. You can use any of vinegar such as white vinegar, apple cider vinegar or even malt vinegar.

  1. Drink a half teaspoon of vinegar and then a glass of water
  2. You also can add 1 spoon of vinegar into a glass of water then swallow it slowly to stop the hiccups
  3. Cardamom

Another time-tested trick that may help a person who are suffering from hiccups is using cardamom. It can help you get rid of hiccups due to its muscle-dilating characteristics. this natural home remedy is commonly used to get rid of long annoying hiccups when these above methods do not work.

  1. Put 1 small spoon of cardamom powder into a cup of hot water and leave it for around 10 or 15 minutes.
  2. After that, let make the cardamom tea by straining it
  3. Finally, enjoy your tea and the hipcups will go away
  4. Breathing into a paper bag

Breathe slowly and deeply into a paper bag which you always have at home. By doing this, the amount of carbon dioxide level in the lung and your blood will increase and help your diaphragm contract more to get more oxygen which may manage the hiccups.

  1. Keep a small paper bag tightly around your mouth
  2. Then what you need to do is just inhale and exhale slowly and deeply into it
  3. You may repeat this circle for several times to get away from hiccup spasm completely

Note: If you are suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure or stroke, you should not use this method because it can worsen your disease.