Abu Dhabi is quite a place to marvel. It’s mostly famous for its high life and sky-rocketing scrappers. In a very short span of time, it has evolved and has become one of the most rapidly emerging economies across the globe. Being considered as the center of oil export and a place for the rich, Abu Dhabi is a place where the super-rich Arabs have invested in building many tourist spots for the visitors to give them a chance to look into how an Arab lives the course of life and what contributes in the Arabic lifestyle as the leisured luxury time. The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari, is quite a special treat for visitors and tourists who come to Abu Dhabi to spend vacations. Here in this article, our centre of focus would be to bring some of the most amazing packages included in the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari. Let’s find out what they are.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari: Packages

If you want to enjoy the view and a ride of Arabian desert is UAE, you have the quest to explore the knitty-gritty of Arabic culture and its association with the stretched desert far and wide, then the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is what you should go for. It has been divided into three main categories with each of them offering the best and newest adventurous and thrilling packages trying to attract more and more tourists. These packages are beneficial for people having tight budget but they want to explore the desert fully. Let’s have a sneak peak of these deals and packages.

Morning Desert Safari

One of the most sought after safari deal is the morning desert safari which is a day-long trip into the vast deserts and is full of adventure and thrill. You can explore vast sandy dunes spread as far as the eye can see. Apart from this, the tour also includes letting the tourists free and capture the mesmerizing moments to cherish for in future. The average rate of morning desert safari is AED 90 per person.

This cost includes:

  1. Dune bashing lasting for about forty minutes.
  2. Sun-Boarding in the middle of the vast desert.
  3. Camel Ride.
  4. Quad Biking.
  5. Pick & Drop.


Evening Desert Safari

Starting right from the afternoon and lasting till the amazing sunset time, the evening safari is one hell of a joyride. One cannot miss the eye-startling view of the setting sun which is worth to capture. The mild weather makes the entire tour more plausible and enchanting. There are basically two deals being offered in Evening Desert Safari named as: The Regular Deal and the Deluxe Deal. The regular deal rates are around AED 65 per person and if the number of persons in a group exceeds thirty, the rate comes down to AED 55. The rates under deluxe deals are AED 120 per person and AED 110 if there are thirty persons in a group. Additional perks of Deluxe Deal are as:

  1. BBQ Dinner
  2. Tea and Coffee.
  3. Camel Ride and Tanura Show.
  4. Belly Dance.
  5. Sand Boarding.

Over-Night Desert Safari

One of the most luxurious and comparatively expensive packages of Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is the Over-Night Desert Safari. Costing at a staggering rate of about AED 220, this luxurious safari package is one hell of its kind and surpasses the other two in almost every aspect. The perks included in this package are:

  1. All the perks from above two safaris.
  2. Unlimited Sheesha.
  3. Dinner including veggies and non-veggie delights.
  4. Sleeping Bags.