Advanced SystemCare is an easy to use and comprehensive system utility tool that is known for its cleaning and optimizing abilities along with its easy to use interface. The software is based on a One Click approach that will results in boosting the performance as well as speed of your system by securing your PC from offline as well as online threats.

Pros and Cons of Advanced SystemCare 9:

Pro Cons
· Advanced SystemCare is a utility that improves the overall performance of your system with a noticeable difference

· Advanced SystemCare is a very useful tool in monitoring the performance of your PC

· The Health Monitoring Gadget of the program provides you with the detailed status of your machine just at a glance

·   The diagnostic consistency of errors and problems by the Advanced SystemCare is very consistent and accurate

·  The added feature of malware removal by Advanced SystemCare is a very useful feature

·  Advanced SystemCare is very easy to use and maintain


·  There are certain limitations in the installation process that results in lowest grades of the software in independent testing results

·  There are some utilities such as file shredder that needs a separate download as well as up sell

·  In certain cases people experience that downloading Advanced SystemCare also downloads Yahoo Root Kit Virus with it

· Advanced SystemCare has some Compatibility issues with Windows 10

· It cannot be de-integrated from the Windows Interface even after uninstalling the software

Advanced SystemCare: The SpeedUp Tab:

There are four options for boosting performance of your system these are

  • Turbo Boost
  • Startup Accelerate
  • Deep Optimization
  • App and Tool Bar Cleaner

The turbo boost mode boosts the performance by closing the background apps and services of the machine. This will result in freeing the RAM and releasing the RAM will boost the system performance. The Startup accelerate analyzes the programs that must be disabled to enhance the startup speed of the system. Deep optimization optimizes the hard disk where as Tool bar cleaner launches the Uninstaller so that you can remove the programs and toolbars that result in hogging of your system.

Advanced SystemCare: Protection and Security Tools:

There are a number of protection, security and optimization tool as listed below:-

  • DNS Protect
    • Protect the DNS settings so that malware cannot modify these settings
  • Surfing Protection
    • Protects your PC against the online threats when you browse different websites on the Internet
  • Win 10 Reinforce
    • This feature suggest you to turn off some of the Windows 10 features such as Telemetry, Connect User Experience and related
  • PCTransfer
    • It allows you to transfer data from your PC to other with a number of options
  • Disk Doctor
    • This utility scans hard drive for errors and problems
  • Undelete
    • Checks the hard drive for accidently deleted files and restore them to their location
  • File Shredder
    • Shreds files in a secure manner so that they can’t be recovered in future
  • IE Helper
    • Manages Internet Explorer, add-ons and plug-ins of IE
  • System Control
    • Changes the settings and display of operating system to optimize it for good

Advanced SystemCare: The Benefits of Professional Version:

There are a number of advantages of Pro version as compared to the free or ultimate version. The Pro version offers free updates along with browser anti tracking feature, disk cleaner utility, free technical support, complete security threat detection, real time optimization, registry cleaner, smart RAM feature and Win Fix feature.


Advanced SystemCare has a one click approach towards protection, repair, cleaning and optimization of your PC and they claim that your PC will be 300 times faster after running and installing of this program. The program is very easy to use and there are tool tips options so that you can learn about the features that you are currently using. There are many automatic tools within this suite that helps to protect your system online as well as offline.

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