What is dedicated server?

If you own a website and paying to a web hosting provider, then you might know that they are also hosting other websites. Depending

dedicated server

on the plan of hosting that you have purchased you will have a certain amount of storage, email accounts, bandwidth on a shared server. It is cheaper than a dedicated server, but it can get you in trouble. On shared server processor and memory is shared so if others are using on high rate, then your website’s performance might suffer. A dedicated server is opposite of shared server. It only hosts one website at the time and the user will pay for the entire server. Your website is going to represent your organization, and if works slow then customers will have a bad perception of your business as well so you need to read it out.

Advantages of dedicated server

Renting a server that is fully dedicated to your website and hosting only you is very expensive, but it has some benefits that might make you think that it is worth spending money on this server.

  • Your website will perform better, and you would not have to worry about any other client that your server provider is hosting.
  • On dedicated server, you can customize software configuration more flexible than shared server
  • You will need more technical knowledge to set up a dedicated server
  • Once you set up your website on a dedicated server, you would not have to worry about speed and traffic.
  • Your website will work smoothly and will work faster, and users will have good experience

Where to get a dedicated server?

Well, you are right in the place where you can get best hosting service that you ever had experience and dreamed of. Ashburn dedicated server one of the best servers, and you might have heard of it somewhere if you have great websites. We host websites that have a lot of traffic every day and that are heavy, we provide a platform on which they can grow their website and visitors with ease. Your website will work smoother, and you can customize everything flexible.


Do you need to get a dedicated server?

It depends on what kind of website you are running. And what is your budget? If you are running a simple blog website with average visit amount, then you do not have to pay extra expenses for a dedicated server. You can go with a shared server and save the money. But you have a big website that has 1000s of visitors per day then you must not go with a shared server. Your website will get slow, and your visitors will not visit your website again if they faced any hurdle using it. So you have 1000+ customers every day then it’s worth paying extra for your own server that will only host your website.