Planning a holiday with the family is always a great idea. And, when one opts for a beach holiday, it becomes a great opportunity to have loads of fun on the sandy shores, and astonishing blue waters. One gets to enjoy the panoramic views, taking a leisurely stroll along the beach or engage in some fun water games/sports. To know about how to plan a perfect beach holiday, contact on the beach contact number.


On the beach contact number shares with you a complete guide to have a fun family holiday by the beachside. From engaging in some fun water sports, one can also opt for some exciting land-based activities once the kids are done with their fun inside the water. For the complete list of these engaging activities, dial on the beach telephone number.


  1. Relay race


The little ones can have loads of fun with the little mermaids and mermen. They can divide these into two teams and then, use shovels, small cups or the largest shells to race them back and forth from the ocean. Each team needs to fill their team’s sand pail with water and the first one to do wins the race. To know the complete details about these activities, contact on the beach contact number.


  1. Become a mermaid


This activity is fun to do. All one needs to do is bury his/her lower half in the sand and the parents can then help the kid to create a mermaid tail with the surrounding sand. To understand how to do this activity, contact on the beach telephone number.


  1. Beach ball relay


This game is similar to the racing on the tracks. This activity requires a person to use any part of the body except hands, and race to carry a beach ball across the finish line. The activity should be completed before the opponent to win the game. To watch a sample of this activity, contact on the beach contact number.


  1. Beach ball toss


This one is among the simplest of the games that can be played on the beach. The game of toss requires an oversized beach towel and beach ball (two beach staples). If the person has these, the family holiday is surely going to be fun for him/her.


  1. Crab walk race


In this race, one needs to walk on his/her hands and feet with stomach in the air. This is exactly the replica of how a crab walks. Opt for this game to have loads of fun.


Going for a holiday on the beachside is always fun. And, what adds to the fun are the games that one can enjoy with his/her family. Playing games on the beachside is always a great idea as beach is an open-ended medium and allows one to expand his/her creativity. Therefore, if any of these interests you, and you would like to know the complete details about beach holiday packages and activities, contact the customer care representatives of on the beach at 0870 100 0012.