Your cat is your best friend and you want to give him or her the best you can. Naturally a cat bed is what you will want on priority. Cat beds are of various types and so, you and your cat have a wide choice. Here are some of the types of cat beds.


Luxury Cat Beds

When you want something really amazing for your cat, you may think of a luxury cat bed. Although it’s a little more expensive than other types of cat beds, they offer optimum comfort to your beloved cat. Luxury cat beds are made from different levels of materials that ensure that the cold from the ground cannot reach your cat. This cat bed is also spacious enough to let the cat unwind in whatever way s/he wants.   Also, if you have more than one cat, a luxury bed is your best bet.


This type of bed has another benefit, namely quilted areas to offer bloating to the bed. With this bloating, the bed becomes additionally relaxing. Cats tend to sleep in warm places (though it’s not guaranteed as they may sleep on bare floor too) and if your cat likes to sleep in your bed, a luxury cat bed will help the cat to have the same feel.



A cat basket has dual purposes – one to offer convenience to your cat and the other to offer a decorative element to your home. The basket is added with comfortable cushions and warm shields and so, cats feel comfortable in it as a place to hide, a better option to shy cats.


Wicker Baskets: These are traditional style baskets and are cheap. However, they are quite tough to wash and can be chewed by your cat.

Plastic Baskets: These are like wicker baskets in shape. These should be lined with soft cushions or blankets. Benefits of plastic baskets are they can be easily disinfected in the event of an epidemic and your cat cannot chew them.


Gone are the days where a cat is expected – let alone allowed – to sleep on the sofa. These days cat beds are a variety of construction types, all with different benefits for your car.


Starting with a basic bed, then moving onto cushioned beds, these are more traditional fabric construction and are generally open. For the cat that is used to a more luxurious lifestyle, furry and velvet effect fabrics are often used on cat beds for extra comfort.  To find a super cool bed you need to check out KittyKit website for the best beds in the UK MEOW!   We only stock luxury cool beds to suite all furs.


Moving up in elegance, a cat cave is like an igloo, where the cat enters an enclosed spherical dome-type construction. Imagine a cat beds with walls and a roof, but curved into a ball with an entrance hole (not hall!). In addition to igloo-type constructions, cat caves are also available with the more traditional four walls and a roof.  The cat bed market is constantly innovating. Just coming out now are radiator beds – which include a safe heating element for additional comfort for your furry feline friend.


At this rate of innovation, it’s prudent for you to get choosing a cat bed sooner rather than later. Otherwise, your cat may be expecting a bed as good as your own one in your bedroom!