This article will show what the best camcorders for recording documentaries are.

The first and foremost decision you should make is what the subject matter will be about! The documentary should be new, professional and educational. So the equipment should match the length and other factors involved.

You can film simple things and subjects with a newer cell phone if the length of the documentary is short, because the cell phones will only record 2 to 5 minutes or a bit longer, depending upon the cell phone capabilities. Moreover, it is hard to hold a cell phone still and in focus. If the cell phone does not have a stationary device the subject will be moving or shake. If the cell phone will not record long enough then a small camcorder should suffice.

However, if you are planning to make a detailed, in-depth professional documentary, then you need a professional camcorder.

A new camcorder will let you create a high quality video but an old camcorder can do the job as it’s a quite simple devices that holds a small cartridge of film which are still used today. So you may just use the small hand held camcorder.

Next you will need to be familiar with the types of camcorders, especially if the camcorder is a newer, larger, handheld and it can be used on a tripod. The newer types are (HD) High Definition, or a Cinematic Professional Camcorders. If you need a camcorder you should think about one of these two.

In order to record a professional documentary you will need to know all the functions and capabilities of the newer professional camcorders. The newer (HD) and Cinematic camcorders have in-depth settings and functions.

Each professional camcorders for documentaries have light settings, shutter settings, distance controls, magnifying or close up capabilities. The newer camcorders also have noise control and different kinds of audio settings. Most of them can even use many automatic settings also called default settings.

Auto focus is an important feature as well. Auto focus constantly keeps the subject being filmed in a frame or in the centre of the viewing field. The auto focus feature is also great to use if your subject is moving around.

Last but certainly not the least question you need to answer is who and where will the documentary will be viewed by. If you are making the documentaries for a class project then a simple camcorder with simple setting will suffice. On the other hand, if your documentaries will be viewed by large audiences, or on television, then you will need more advanced camcorders with the extra setting and functions. The larger (HD) camcorders and the Cinematic camcorders are both perfect for the larger projects. These professional camcorders may cost more than the simple ones but they will make a better presentation.