It is seen that many of the network providers do give you the unlimited texts service most of the time. On the other hand, large in number of people are now using WhatsApp and also Facebook Messenger so that they can send free messages by making use of wi-ftruedialer-appi. We have come across wide in range of apps that let you to make free phone calls. Check out these best apps so that you can also make free phone calls. But there are few countries where you cannot make these phone calls because they are banned and these countries are Azerbaijan, Iran and Kuwait, Oman and UAE. You have to check and know your destination’s restrictions whenever you will be making these messaging and too phone calls.



It is free on iOS and too on the Android and on the Windows Phoneviber. It is a  communication app for texting and also for the picture messaging. For making phone calls and for making video calls, you can use this app. You should install Viber app on your phone.


It is also free on iOS and too on the Windows Phone. This app is quite and much synonymous with texting. It is much popular among the young generation. You cannot only do messaging with the help of it but you can also make these voice and too video calls by using this app. This app more than and about one billion registered users across worldwide.

Skype :

Initially it was used to be a desktop chat kind of program right on the PCs. We had to use webcams so that we can chat with the friends. Its communication is free. Now Microsoft has bought it for about £5.2bn. It was previously owned by the eBay. Now you can too make use of this program on your mobiles. You can enjoy this face-to-face chatting. This Skype actually works with the help of your Microsoft account. You can too do the searching of this Skype’s vast range of directory.

Facebook Messenger:

With the help of this Facebook Messenger, you can no easily make phone and too video calls. You and your friend only needs a Facebook account. By signing in, you can start chatting with your friends, you can do this free phone calling and enjoy this chit chat session of yours.


It is free on iOSios9. As we know that this FaceTime is used for the making of video calling, to make voice calls. It is an Apple-only app. You can only make a call to other iPhone users.

So, by far these are the prominent and major one apps that allow you to make free phone calls. If you have not install these apps yet then you should do so by now. Do give us your comments that which of the app is the best one according to you! We are anxiously waiting for your comments.

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