Whenever talking about precious stone buying, the term “cut” does indeed not label its condition. A precious stone cut pertains to how the precious stone has been polished and shaped from being a rough stone to their gem proportions. Signifies the workmanship quality and angles that the precious stone was cut.


Diamond minimize is most probably the only characteristic that is greatly dependent on the craftsman. Every precious stone natural stone loses over one 50 percent of its initial weight during the polishing and cutting processes. Proportions and the angles both effect the internal light expression and dispersion leaving the stone. This then establishes the flash or offers a colors sparkle of the stone or commonly known as Fire; and white light return or illumination or Brilliance.

Diamond Cuts

Round excellent is the actual common lower that has been acquiring the highest attention in the market. There are numerous other cuts that fit extravagant and round cut diamond jewelry which have been particular throughout the years, having its respective detailed requirements and proportions. Non-etheless, the precious stone cut should improve the brilliance and fireplace of each precious stone and producing the best product possible.


Tolko sky


It was in 1919 when Marcel Tolko sky steadily examined the round brilliant precious stone optical technologies using different mathematical measurements considering both fire and brilliance. He then believed what proportions are the best for cutting rounded and brilliant precious stone pebbles. He published these conclusions on his book eligible, “Diamond Design” and has been generally recognized as the “Father of Modern day Asscher cut diamond“. Today’s precious stone ideal minimize standards are based on his findings with only minor changes.


Hearts & arrows


This is another cutting style for spherical and brilliant diamonds that was modeled after Eight Star Diamond Company’s popular routine. Furthermore, this pattern jobs 8 gray arrowheads when looked from the top using one eye; ten heart shapes are discovered when looked underneath the pavilion. Hearts & arrows onlookers eliminate the newly arriving light and cause the design to appear greyish or black. In order for this pattern to be flawlessly displayed, expensive diamonds must carry excellent balance on its primary features particularly the length on its lower girdle.




This has been modern-day common jargon for diamond jewelry that contain been cut with varying proportions and specifications.




Typically indicates that diamonds have been finished and cut in any Russian company factory. Right now there is no specification on what proportions diamonds with Russian cuts follow.


Various other cuts


There are other cuts that precious stone could help have been following. Several of which are medically distinguished while others aren’t. This “other cuts” is only a term used for all types of precious stone cuts that are specific to its sellers.

The cut of the precious stone should never really be your only basis when precious stone buying. You will discover other important factors to consider such as how the price will fit your budget. Before deciding on what kind of precious stone cut to go with, consulting with reputable experts in precious stone cutting and polishing should be checked out. I buy diamond ring from famous jewelry.  But wedding dresses from che boutique.