Buying the right office chair wheels might not seem like a big deal compared with other concerns that a company needs to deal with.

However, getting the right office furniture can have a lot of bearing on a business’ bottom line. An unsafe office environment can lead to potential lawsuits and can lead to money lost by the company.

To create a safe work environment for employees, companies should pay close attention to every piece of furniture and office supplies they are using, and these include office chair wheels. Low quality wheels and castors can cause accident that can lead to litigation. If businesses would rather avoid this complication, then they’d better pay attention to what types of furniture and parts they are purchasing.

When choosing castors and wheels for your comfy office chairs, companies should take into consideration the type of floor that the office has. If the office floor is made of wood, the best option would be to use rubber or polyurethane wheels.

These types have more traction in wood flooring and will prevent skidding, particularly if employees have a habit of going from place to place by rolling their chairs with them on it.

If the office floor is covered with a carpet or a mat, companies can use twin nylon casters. These wheels can make moving around safe. However, nylon castors are not recommended for wood floorings since they can scratch the surface of wood floors and cause wood splinters.

Another thing that should be taken into account when getting nylon castor wheels is that there are some brands that easily lock up after a few months of use. To make sure, select those that are made by a trusted office furniture manufacturer.

When it comes to ceramic tiled floors and hardwood flooring, soft rubber wheels would be the ideal choice. These types allow chairs to roll easily which prevents hardwood and ceramic tiles from getting damaged.

For a swivel chair used on tiled and hardwood flooring, it would be advisable to select chair wheels with crown tread. The ball bearing of the wheels will allow the swivel chair to roll easily and will help minimize friction which could both damage the furniture and the floor.

More improved models of chair casters and wheels are now available including those that have grip ring stems. These stems are also great for ceramic and hard wood floors. It is advisable though, not to use ring stems if the office floor is made of pine or any type of softwood as they can make chairs unsteady and can also cause damage to the floor.


Floors in plush offices, particularly the big boss’ cage, are often covered in thick carpets. To avoid any accident, make sure that the wheels of the chairs do not go below 60mm in diameter. Polyurethane wheels are the top option for thickly-carpeted floors.

To save the company some money, order office chair wheels and castors by the bulk and if possible, directly from the manufacturer. Most manufacturers offer free replacement parts for damaged products within a certain period of time. Some of them also provide special discount kits to bulk buyers.

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