Privacy shield and its requirements

Privacy is a big issue these days on the internet because everyone I connected to the internet, and they are using different browsers and applications that can access their private data and their searches. That is why everybody is concerned with their data protection. The name of policy is privacy policy, but it is not what it looks from its title. People think that is software of some program to save individuals from data theft but in real it is a filter that gathers your information and transfers it safely to different organizations that take part in it. And the organization that chose to take part in it has to fulfill some privacy shield requirements that are as follow.

privacy shield requirements

  • While the European Union and the unedited States of America share the same goal of enhancing the privacy protection of transatlantic data transfer. U.S. have a different approach towards this shield and EU has different, and EU states that the principle should not affect the applications of nation provisions that are implementing Directive 95/46.EC and that applies processing of personal data in a state that is a member of a privacy
  • To rely on this privacy shield to effectuate the transfer of personalized data from EU to any other organization must self-certify that they are part of this privacy policy and it is totally a voluntary program and is not implemented on every business in the US. The company that wants to enter in this privacy shield must
  • A subject of the investigation and enforcement of FTC. The department which transportation and statutory body that will ensure compliance with the principles.
  • Publically declare that they are committed to complying with the privacy shield’s principles
  • Publicly declare their privacy policies aligned with these new principles
  • Fully implement the privacy shield requirements


  • The department of the Commerce and will also maintain and make the list of the authorized company available to the public so they can see which companies are authorized to use their personal Privacy shield benefits are assured from that day on which department will put the company’s name on the list.


  • Any company who participated in the shield but voluntary want to back off or leave the shield can leave it, and the department will remove their name from the list. And it can no longer get any benefits from the shield.


  • Adherence to these Privacy shield requirements may be limited to


  1. The extent of necessary national security
  2. Public interests and law of enforcement
  3. Government regulations or the law case that brings conflicting obligations
  4. S. law will be applied to the questions of the interpretation and compliance with the Privacy shield principles.

These are some requirement so the shield that is developed by U.S government and the European Union to protect the data transfer between two states