A trade show exhibit is going to be a thing of vital importance for you and your brand. It will help you build your brand, give a new identity to it, attract new customers and increase your sales. Try to make the best out of it. Don’t let this opportunity to go wasted over a few stupid and dim witted mistakes.


Make sure that your exhibit is a clear representation of what and who you are. Give your clients a clear idea of what you do and why should they buy from you.

This is the moment when you are to show your loyalty you company and brand. You will have to prove it to everyone that you truly care about the brand. Work hard. Promote your exhibit on other forums like web, social media, print ads, mails, use Banner Stand NYC or even go from door to door to promote your brand.

Trade shows are a place where you can fully show off your brand and not be ashamed or hesitant about it. Use bold and bright colors, get big images to show the audience your brand, get easy to read and understand text to make people get the exact message that you would want to give.

Design your booth carefully. Don’t just cram everything into the small space. Think carefully and then design according to your need and brand specifications. Keep your focus on the very top, main and basic objectives, you may or may not have the space to fit in every single one of them.


Design your booth like you should. Give out some fliers; put up banners using Banner Stands NYC. Spend money, but avoid spending too much. Spend exactly how and what you should. Keep a balance of all the things.

Use less words on your exhibits, use graphics related to your brand and make the words bigger, and keep the focus on them. A single statement that states what you do clearly is better than the long list of bullet points that no one would even bother reading.

Design your exhibit in such a way that it could be used for more than just a single year. In this way you could save a lot of money and still do wonders with it. But obviously you could add a few little things to your exhibit overtime.

Plan everything before hand. Don’t do things right before you need to get them done. Make your exhibit designs as soon as you can and discuss them with your management team and co workers. Get their views and then make the changes that you want to do, or not.

Keep your focus on exhibiting the new products and those that are popular, don’t try to put all you less popular and old products into the limited space of your booth.

To design your booth to perfection, use whatever technology you could work the best with.

Keep trying to be inventive and remember these few handy tips. You never know, they could guide you all the time more than you really think they would.