A convenient way to express yourself:

There come many cases in which our words fail to describe our feelings. We use emoji at that particular time to share our feelings and emotions with others. They are also very trendy on the social sites. Millions of people are using these to convey their messages and ideas in an innovative way to the word. Emoji are the also the best way to save our precious time instead of writing long textual descriptions in the messages bar.

When word/s fail to express your thoughts and feelings:

Sometimes it comes to our life when our words can’t express the story in words. Suppose, you are in deep sorrow and grief and are not willing to use the long writing messages, then the emoji will do the best job for you. At that time, you have to choose a weeping or a sad emoji to describe your current situation. Moreover, they are your best partner in your social life.

You have to understand the emoji meaning before using:

Emoji have a broad range of applications in our everyday lives. You have to be spot on by understanding well the each emoji meaning. After the complete understanding, you will be able to use the well and according to their whole sense. They are mostly used,

  • Want to lighten the fierce mood by the introduction of sarcasm or humor
  • If you want to soften a blow, then you can use them
  • The best way to convey all of your feelings without writing long descriptions.
  • On the failure of your words.

Apart from them, there are many other ways on which you can use them for your comfortability and entertainment.