The Valerian root has gained popularity today since it comes with lot of benefits. The main reason behind this is its natural property for sedation. It is effective in the reduction of episodes of insomnia and improving sleep habit. It can be used to prevent panic attacks by controlling anxiety. After along week many individuals go for Valerian pills to get relax, reduce stress, and improve mood.

The extract of the Valerian plant is available in many forms like loose powders, essential oils, capsules with root extracts, and even as a liquid drops. It has natural sedative properties.

Benefits of Valerian Roots:

This herb is used for medicines from over 200 years. It is mainly used for its property as a natural and mild sedative. Even though it is being used for thousands of years, there are studies which are going on to prove its benefits. Existing results from many studies have already proved that Valerian has abilities to improve sleeping patterns and take a major role in regulating stress levels.

The main health issue for today’s generation is stress which further leads to many mental and physical conditions. Majority of the people today will have one or other sleeping disorders. People with issues like staying asleep throughout the night as well as falling asleep can rely Valerian root. It has the ability to activate GABA receptors in the brain through which it reduces anxiety. GABA is a neurotransmitter which helps in preventing anxiety and feeling stressed. Brain releases this naturally when in a situation individual finds it difficult to overcome anxious thoughts. GABA is effective in dealing with anxiousness and helps in calming down.

Valerian Supplement:

Valerian supplement is available in many forms. To achieve the results any form of Valerian root can be used. The form selection must be based on the patients and their circumstances. In certain situation one form may feel superior to another but all are effective in a similar way. It is better to choose the product which comes with more percentage of the natural root extract. Active ingredients are present in highest percentage in Valerian roots. If the product is made of extracts from stems, flowers, and leaves of the plant then one may need to increase the dose to achieve the desired benefits. It is better to avoid products which are made of dry leaf extract of Valerian and the product which comes in liquid form. This is because these products will not have longer life.


If the Valerian supplement is in capsule form then it can be taken along a drink. If it is in liquid form then one can have it along with tea. The dosage must be taken at least 30 minutes before bedtime. It is better if there is a gap of 2 hours between the dosage and bedtime. If one has to face of stressful situations like exam or give a speech in public, then they can take small dosage of Valerian before this. Valerian root will help in relieving nerves.